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With over 15 years of experience, Quality Master Construction have served the community building projects from ground to top meeting deadlines with precision. Our company have engaged with different groups in different cities and joined the process of the creation of massive structures as well as participated and collaborated with other enterprises from different industries. We have excelled on the journey by staying ahead of trends and keeping up with a strict deadlines



Value our customers: We firmly believe that our clients are the most important asset we have. Long term relationships with our customers is what makes who we are. We acknowledge that the only way to standout among our competition is by considering every client as part of our family and as a family, we have to support their plans and vision.





Focus on opportunities: One of the emphasis is to create opportunities for our employees by investing in their most remarkable skills, so they can grow their potential and progress in that specific ability. By doing this, we ensure they can deliver outstanding performance in the development of all our construction projects.  


Quality Master Construction has its headquarter in Los Angeles, CA. The company is owned by  Edwin Servellon, an individual visionary of innovation on commercial and residential modern property. His experience working with investors and high profile clients have given the company the reputation it has now. He has dedicated his entire life to  improve the world we live in by providing full commitment and quality on every job done by him and his highly qualified team. 

tractor on construction site
tractor on construction site
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